Moore Engineering



Moore Engineering is a group of licensed consulting engineers and architects in all disciplines with extensive experience in high tech. facility design for the microelectronics industry. Moore Engineering consists entirely of the professional consultants that provide the service. This results in an attitude of ownership and commitment on each and every project. For small jobs where overhead and mobilization costs are a significant part, Moore Engineering can provide complete architectural and engineering services at much lower cost than typical engineering firms.    


Moore Engineering can provide any or all of the following services:


  • Preliminary Consultation including feasibility studies, project programming and independent constructability/cost reviews

  • Existing Building and Site Conditions Reports including field inspections, engineering site surveys, hazardous or confined entry inspections, and as-built AutoCAD drawings.

  • Permitting Services including Code compliance surveys, drawings, specs. and calcs. for building permits, waste discharge and environmental permitting. Extensive experience with local city and county agencies.

  • Bid and Construction Documents including detailed engineering drawings on CAD, construction and equipment specifications, construction cost estimates and initial construction scheduling.

  • Construction Services including source inspections, periodic field inspections, contractor submittals review, contractor billings review, operating and maintenance manuals.